Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opening Our Doors.

We will be officially opening our doors to the public on Wednesday the Seventh of July.

The GRAND OPENING is still To Be Announced, but we’re targeting the fourth weekend of July.

Tasting Room Hours as of July 7th:
Wednesdays from 2:00-7:00PM
Thursdays from 2:00-7:00PM
Fridays from 2:00-8:00PM
Saturdays from 1:00-5:00PM
Groups of five our more – you call it, we’ll be there for ya’.

Getting to our doors can be a little tricky, so study this visual guide to help you on your way (this is traveling West on Silverton):

Once you turn down our driveway, we are in the front corner of the second building on the left. We'll get some sort of signage up. Currently we are quite non-descript. Please, do not park in front of our neighbors’ rollup doors. Park anywhere else you like though.
We will have all five of our beers on draft!

Claritas Kölsch: The lightest of our offerings this light ale is based off of the official beer of Cologne, Germany. We weren't born in Köln, but we're Köbes when we serve it. With an OG of 1.054 this is right in the center of the Kölsch-Konvention standards. Pours a light straw color, light, refreshing, crisp. A highly clarifying summertime beer.
OG 1.054 - 5.8%ABV
23.3 IBUs

Grazias Vienna Cream Ale: This beer is of our own invention. It is inspired by the classic Vienna Lagers brought to Mexico from Austria in the 1800s but with a Hess Brewing twist. The name Grazias is an mash-up of the second largest city in Austria, Graz and our second favorite word in the Spanish language, Gracias.
OG 1.055 - 5.4%ABV
37 IBUs

Intrepidus India Pale Ale: Our IPA is brewed with five different hops and has a simple, complimentary malt bill. Citrus and hop flowers dominate the aromatics. Pours a cloudy golden amber with a thick light tan head.
OG 1.080 - 8.4%ABV
88 IBUs

Amplus Acerba San Diego Pale Ale: SDPA isn't the official style name... yet. We are working on that. What is it you ask? Like the Latin name translates it has Ample Bitterness. The AA signifies not only a boat load of Alpha Acids but also the fact that if you drink too many of these a week you'll have to sign up.
Note: (say: ah-kair-ba … accent on the ‘ah’, ‘kair’ rhymes with bear)
OG 1.103 - 11.3%ABV
120 IBUs

Ex Umbris Rye Imperial Stout: Gobs of chocolate, honey and rye malt along with four others - more than should be allowed in a beer! ... this stout is not for the faint of heart. It is such a big stout that we cannot brew a full batch on our system! The rich complexities of the malt and hop interplay of this brew will bring you out of the shadows and into the light of Rye Imperial Stout revelry.
OG 1.095 - 9.8%ABV
65 IBUs
We hope you come in and try all five! We will be doing tasting flights of five 3 ounce pours + our killer customized Willi Becher Pub Glass for $10

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taps Handled.

I built our tap handles this weekend up in my hometown of Redlands. It was a fun project. We stopped by Inland Empire Brewing Company on our way to pick up some red oak out in Fontana... that turned into a long, long stop but it was cool. They had some great beers and Ryan was an awesome guy.
Best Laid Plans.
We started out with an idea of what we wanted to end up with. The process to get to what we wanted turned out to be a little more difficult than expected. 

Legs for Days.
One thing I learned is that Red Oak (Quercas Rubra) is not a very forgiving wood and brass is not a very hard metal. 

Drilling Out.
We had to drill out the hole for our tap fitting 5/8 of an inch because the brass would not bite into the oak. Next time I am skipping the brass insert and going with a steel screw plus silver ferrule.

Everything In It's Right Place.

Because of this we had to take a more creative approach. Two weights keeping our fittings in place while our glue does it's thing.

The Demon Cutter.
Attempting to not lose a finger on the table saw. Easier said than done.

Making Face.

Sink a Dowel, Make 'em Howl.

Not Too Shabby.

"I like to work with my hands."

Semi-Finished Tap Handles.
Now all that is left is figuring out how to get our logo and name of beers onto each of the tap handles. My current idea is screen printing or stenciling them on. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.