Thursday, September 13, 2012

September FAC

We are going to be having our FAC for September on the 21st!

Check out the Facebook RSVP here.

We will be having the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas out for the tunes. They have traditional Irish drinking songs intertwined with tomfoolery, blues, classic rock and country.

We are going to have Ranchwood Deli and the Sushi Bus for grub.

We are going to have plenty of beer up as well:

Amplus Acerba SDPA.
Ficus Dark Saison with locally grown Figs.
Claritas Kolsch.
Russatus Irish Red.
Westcoaster SD IPA with locally grown hops.
Brunus Induresco Coffee Porter with locally roasted Coffee.
Ex Umbris Rye Imperial Stout.
Grazias Vienna Cream Ale.

PLUS!!! Festivus Dusseldorf Altbier!